5 Shows To Watch If You’ve Still Got The Post-PLL Blues

It’s been a few weeks now, but I’m sure there are still more than a few of us who are still reeling from the gaping hole that Pretty Little Liars left.

Here are 5 shows that should go some way to filling that hole…

  1. Legion

    All kinds of inception-level weirdness going on will have have you feeling like you’re right back in Rosewood, with all those convoluted clues…


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  2. Riviera

    A dark and glitzy crime thriller that puts Julia Stiles right back where she belongs!

    Riviera Julia Stiles

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  3. American Gods

    An all-round epic that feels an adequate replacement for the blood, sweat and bitch-soaked tears we put into 7 years-worth of PLL…

    American Gods

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  4. The Kettering Incident

    Another one that might leave you with more questions than answers…

    The Kettering Incident

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  5. Finding Carter

    I’m so sad that I’ve only just found this show! First aired in the US in 2014 (cancelled in 2015) and currently being shown on 5STAR in the UK, this is (I think) one of the most underrated tv shows I have ever seen…

    Finding Carter

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    Have you watched any of these shows so far?

    Let me know what you think!